Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Jacobs visit Austin

The Jacobs came to visit us this past weekend with Austin making his first trip to his namesake.  Austin is now 17 months and had grown a lot since we last saw him at his one year B-day party.  At that time he had just learned to pull up to stand and this weekend we saw him running around the house and climbing on top of toys.  Joshua warmed up to Austin quickly which we knew he would.  But what did surprise us was how quickly he became comfortable with Jason and Shawn.  He usually cries for about 10 minutes when he encounters new people but he seemed to really enjoy being around them and playing with Austin.
Friday night we met up with Sunita and Anu at Daily Grill in the Domain.  Joshua had a little trouble falling asleep especially since we brought the umbrella stroller.  We had a great dinner and caught up with good friends.
On Saturday we went to Lady Bird Lake trail (Town Lake) after the kids had their nap.  We took some nice pictures and walked the trail for a while since the weather was perfect.  Afterwards we went to Mozart's where we switched seats several times due to furry caterpillars.  Its also where Steve and Shawn had the best latte they ever had :)
That night we met Tony and Pressy at Roaring Fork and had a nice dinner on the patio.  The guys fought over the last two short rib tacos with Jason and Tony winning out.   Late night since we got home after 11:00.  Joshua slept  better in his infant stroller at the restaurant.
On Sunday we relaxed at the house and the Jacobs went to visit their friends in the afternoon.  We stayed up that night talking like we had most nights mostly about the possibility of them relocating to Dallas by early next year.  Exciting because we would definitely see more of each other and Joshua and Austin would get to play together more often.
Monday morning we made pancakes and hash browns and I dropped them off at the airport by 11:30.   So glad they were able to visit and so blessed to have such good friends!  What a great weekend!

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