Sunday, March 24, 2013

Joshua's 3rd B-day

We celebrated Joshua's 3rd B-day a day early on Sat. Mar. 16 at the Little Gym.  We had so much fun, especially Joshua.  He was the star of the show and I know he felt pretty special.  There were about 28 kids and 30 adults with both sets of grandparents present.  Joshua's friend, Austin, even came all the way from Dallas :)  We definitely had lots of pizza and cupcakes left over and needless to say we won't be eating those two items for a while.  I had fun putting together Joshua's B-day party theme :Thomas the Tank Engine, of course!  He definitely had a huge hand in planning his party right down to changing the cake into a cupcake cake!  The favors included a Thomas cup, whistle, crayons, stickers, and a mini Tootsie lollipop. 

Noah had a blast at the party too - he loved climbing on the mats and falling.  He mainly stayed with grandparents while Steve and I spent time with Joshua and our guests.

On Sun, (Joshua's actual B-day) we took him to see Yo Gabba Gabba at Bass Hall while my parents watched Noah.  We caught up with Joshua's friends Jahan and Nayan and went to their house after the show for a mini playdate.

Mom and Dad stayed in town till Wed and went back to Dallas.  That night, I went to the Alicia Keys concert with Sunita, Tina, and Tiu.  She is an amazing, talented artist and it was a great concert. 

We ended this weekend by going to see Florida play Minnesota in the 2nd round of March Madness at Frank Erwin.  Fun Sunday night!  Florida won!



Saturday, March 9, 2013

Update for the past month

Noah is no longer holding his hands to the side when he walks.  His balance has become so much better in the past week and now he walks as if he's been doing it for years.  When I chase him, he tries to walk really fast, almost in a run, and inevitably falls.  It cracks me up everytime.  
Noah just yells "Daddy"  all the time.  He knows what he's saying and loves to hear Daddy respond to him.  He still says "Uh oh"  when he drops something or more likely throws something.  He likes to throw his food at the dinner table, which would make me so angry when Joshua did the same thing at his age.   Now, I just tell him "Don't do that" and go on my merry way.  Funny how things change with a second child.
I saw Noah pick up a remote and pretend it was a phone by putting it to his ear and he attempted to say hello.  And then tried to have a conversation.  It was the first time I've seen him pretend play.
They both have minor colds this week and Noah seems to be doing worse with his runny nose.
Joshua is still very much into golf and goes to the range with Grandpa alot.  He also lives and breathes Thomas the Tank Engine.  He loves everything to do with that show.  I just found out this week that he has been accepted to the First Baptist Round Rock's Mother's Day Out program for the remainder of this school year.  He will probably start next week.  Can't believe he's going to a school.
He will also be going to Council Oaks in the fall for their Mother's Day Out program 2 days a week.

We had a fun Feb. with Joshua and Noah giving me a cute Valentine's Day card that was really addressed to a granddaughter but Joshua liked that Minnie Mouse was on the card.  Steve got me chocolate covered strawberries and so did Sunil and Julie!   I had 24 strawberries total and somehow I finished them in a week and a half. 
On Sat. Feb. 16 we went to Brant's Bday party at a fire station downtown.  Joshua loved climbing in the fire truck and taking pictures.  He also got to hold the hose with a fireman.  Sunil and Julie visited us on Sun Feb 17 after they spent a weekend at Barton Creek. Joshua and I went to Sesame Street Live at 1 pm.  This was the day that Noah just started walking more than 4 steps at a time.  He started doing it right when Sunil and Julie came.  We also had a good evening eating Rudy's BBQ.
Sat. Feb 23  Joshua went to soccer practice while Noah and I went to the grocery store.  It was the first time I let Noah sit in the grocery cart.  He had a blast.  We met Suzanne, Benoy, and Bethany at Bob and Mike's Chicken for lunch and then went to Sushi Zushi without kids that evening with Tony and Bindhu.  Good dessert at Austin Cake Ball.  On Sun. we went to church and then Kiddie Acres since it was a beautiful day.
This past weekend, March 2 was Shanyn's baby shower so I left at 9:45 to LaVonne's house and Steve took the boys to Mom and Dad's house for the whole day.  I went to dinner with the girls including Sheri, who flew in from Atlanta, at Oasis.  The boys finally came home around 7:30.  I missed them so much.
Since the boys were feeling sick, we skipped church and just did grocery store and house hunting today.  It was a relaxing Sunday.

Addendum:  Posted this a week late so I will recap this week.  I was able to go to dinner with Diana on Thu and Steve went to poker Fri night.  Joshua went to soccer Sat morning and we went to a birthday party at Brushy Creek park in the afternoon.  Then we got to visit with Teena, Anil, and Ajay in the late afternoon. 

                                      Noah's 1st train ride - (1st time for all of us on Cedar Rock Railroad)

                                                Valentine's Day with their respective candies

                                                               2/17 - Sesame Street Live
Joshua's 1st cotton candy

                                                               He loves doing this!
                                           Joshua and Noah in the cart together for the first time

                                             My boys enjoying their favorite treat - ice cream