Friday, January 31, 2014

The month of December

Continuing my late posts for 2013, I will now try to review our month of December.
We picked a random Wednesday to drive through the Rock N' Lights tour in Round Rock at Old Settlers Park.  Joshua and Noah loved seeing all the different themed lights including Santa's workshop with the elves  Round Rock sports, and many other Christmas lights.

On Dec. 13, Joshua had his Christmas concert/program at school.  I was the only one able to go since Mom and Dad were sick and Steve just started his new job.  I had a great time watching Joshua with all the 3 year olds sing 2 Christmas songs in the chapel.  He looked so sweet as he found me in the audience and kept smiling and staring at me throughout the songs.

Noah got the flu the next week and it took him a couple of days to get back to being his usual cheerful self.  He lost his appetite and subsequently some weight as well.  Steve and I also got sick with the flu around the same time.

We took Santa pictures at the mall on Sat the 21st and the picture shows perfectly the boys personalities.
On Christmas Eve, we read the last portion of the Advent tree in which we explained Jesus' birth in a manger.  Every night this month we did the Advent tree where they would hang the story ornament on the tree.  They were very excited that this was the last day because that meant the next day was Christmas.  They set out the cookies for Santa and we sprinkled the reindeer dust on the front lawn so that it would sparkle in the moonlight and the reindeer would see our house.  Thanks Ms. Gwen for sending that home!

On Christmas morning we ate breakfast and then read the Bible.  Only then did we let Joshua and Noah start to open presents.  We each took a turn opening presents from Santa.  We had a blast watching their reactions as they opened their present!  We saved the train table for last and they loved it!

At noon we went to Mom and Dad's and had lunch similar to our Thanksgiving lunch.  Joshua and Noah had a 2nd Christmas opening more presents!

                                                                      Joshua's Christmas program

                                            Sprinkling Christmas dust
                                                         Setting out cookies for Santa

                                              Opening presents at Granny and Grandpa's

                                          12/28 -presents with Ammachi, Appachen, and Uncle Subin

Monday, January 20, 2014

The month of November 2013

Just wanted to update the blog since its been a couple of months.  And of course it was so busy with the holidays. 
Soon after Halloween, we took Noah to see an ENT after yet another ear infection.  Since he had moderate hearing loss and recurrent infections, the ENT recommended ear tube placement.  A week later on Nov 12, Noah had the surgery.  He did wonderful; the surgery took 15 minutes and he was a little drowsy but by the time I dropped him off at Mom and Dad's he was ready to play.  No ear infections to date!!

On Nov 16 we went downtown to the F1 festival which was Formula One weekend.  The boys had a great time looking at the race cars and doing all the kids activities.

On Thanksgiving we went downtown and ran the Turkey Trot.  Joshua and I registered for the race and he was so excited about running the 1K.  There were so many people and parents running with their children that Steve ran with Joshua and I held Noah and ran with him.  After that was over, I ran the 1 mile.  It was so much fun that we will probably do it again next year.

That weekend we went to see Abby, Ben, Uncle, and Aunty in Elgin.  They had a fire pit in the backyard and Joshua and Noah were able to make smores.  I've never seen them eat so much!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy 2nd B-day Noah!

I am so behind on posts but I wanted to take some time to write Happy B-day to our sweet little Noah!  We had a great evening celebrating by eating Thai food at Granny and Grandpa's house with a special chocolate Mickey Mouse cake that Granny made.  Noah loved it so much that he had a second piece.  Then Granny and Grandpa gave both Joshua and Noah a talking Thomas and Toby train.  What a great day for not just Noah but also Joshua!