Sunday, April 24, 2016

Jan - Feb events

It's been a busy couple of months but I wanted to quickly recap the beginning of this wonderful year.

Noah turned 4 on January 15 and we celebrated with an Oreo cookie ice cream cake with Mater on top.  Noah is a sweet, smart, and hilarious little boy and I pray he stays that way forever.

A couple of days later we went to a school assembly where Joshua was awarded Student of the Year for his class.  We are so proud of how well he's done in school and how much he loves to attend school.  He truly loves being around his friends and learning new things everyday.

At the end of the month Steve, Joshua and Noah entered a field goal challenge contest in our neighborhood.  All three of them made it through the 1st round but not the second.  It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed being out in the park.

The first weekend of February we went to Houston to Dave and Siji's.  We had a great time at the zoo and then meeting Steve's friend and fiancee afterwards.  We had some delicious dessert down by the Rice Village area at Dessert Gallery.  The boys had a lot of fun playing with Teagan.

Feb. 8 was Joshua's 100th day of school.  Can't believe his 1st 100 days are over that fast.

The following weekend Steve and I went to Fork and Vine to celebrate Valentine's Day.  Great meal - we had Gab babysit the boys.  We're slowly getting used to babysitters (of course, Gab is my co-worker's daughter) instead of having the boys go over to Mom and Dad's.
We met Priya that evening for dinner since she was in town from Florida.  Fun night with the Halls and Priya's new dog.
On Feb. 15 (President's Day) I took off work since the boys didn't have school and we spent the day together first going to Bass Pro Shops and then meeting our friends at the park for a play date and picnic.  This day made me realize even more how I wish I could have more days like that.  The best day.

The next week was heartbreaking - my dear friends' father passed away and I made a quick trip to Dallas on a Friday for the wake.  Mom and Dad had just left for India earlier in the week so I stayed with Subin and left the next day after seeing Sunil, Julie, and Christian.

The following weekend we went to Mueller Lake for a Fishing Day and the boys enjoyed fishing with Steve and our friends.  Noah kept reeling in sticks and moss and everything but a fish.  They mostly had fun though they didn't catch anything.

                                                                               School assembly
                                                               The principal giving Joshua his award

                                                       Field goal challenge
                                                             Steve reliving his dream
                                                                Houston zoo

                                                                Steve and I worked on this Valentine's box forever

                                                                  Bass Pro Shop
                                                                                  Fishing Day