Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Annual Samuel Trip

So much has happened since my last post.  We've had lots of fun with Scott, Betsy and the kids since their arrival on Aug. 10 in Austin.  Ethan and Joshua hit it off pretty quickly with Joshua looking up to him and following him around everywhere.  Ethan is so intelligent and could rattle off facts about plants, dinosaurs, rocks and other various topics.   Mia would always look after Noah and Eva and was playful and fun-loving.  I was so amazed at how she could play independently and often entertained herself.  Eva who is 4 months old loves to smile and watch all the siblings play with each other.

Since we had 2 full weeks we were able to relax and visit more and we did some fun stuff in between.  Steve and I took 2 Mondays off during their visit.  Some of the highlights:  Safari Champ, McDonald's (try it with 5 kids), Ethan's B-day, BBQ at Babu Uncle and Lena Aunty's, the Park at the Domain,  my Rudy's B-day dinner at the house.  Though it doesn't seem like a lot, we spent some part of the day everyday for 2 weeks and had lots of fun.  Joshua definitely had a blast and is already missing everybody.  Here are a few pics:

8/15 - Ethan's 5th B-day