Saturday, February 9, 2013

Noah is walking!!!

On Thu., Feb. 7 our almost 13 month old started walking!!  He took 4 steps after being lured by his favorite food - Puffs.  It was so cute to see him slowly step away from holding onto something.  You could tell he was a little unsure but those Puffs are so delicious. 
The funny thing is that we always remark that Joshua and Noah are so different in almost everything they do but when I was watching Noah walk for the first time, I had flashbacks of Joshua at that milestone.  They both had that same Frankenstein walk.  Joshua was excited to see Noah walking too.  It was as if Joshua recognized that it was a big moment for Noah as we videotaped and cheered him on. 
Noah is trying real hard to say and imitate whatever you say.  He can already say "Dada", but now he also says "Hi"  and his favorite word is "Cookie" although it comes out as "Gigi."  Apparently Mom and Dad have a book with a cookie in it that he really likes.
Noah also loves music as much as Joshua and he loves to rock back and forth on his knees and clap his hands while Joshua and I dance to music everyday.  Noah will also try to sing along to Joshua's favorite Thomas song.

We've had a busy past month.  We had our cousins Ashley, Susan and their child, Aiden come visit us on Jan.19 and then they went with Steve and Joshua to the circus the next day.  Aiden is 17 months old so they all played around each other.  :) 

On Feb. 1, we finally went to Houston and met baby Teagan for the first time.  She is precious and we had a wonderful time bonding with her.  On Sat., Dave and Steve played golf and later we all went tolunch at Lupe's and walked around the Woodlands Townsquare.  On Sun., we went to the Houston Zoo while they went to church.  It was a beautiful day to go and Joshua had the best time looking at all the animals and feeding the giraffe.  We ran out of time so we promised Joshua we'd come back to ride the train.

Joshua is still in basketball on Tue. and soccer on Sat.  He has in the past two months gotten back into playing golf and now goes to the range with Dad when the weather cooperates.

                                                                     Aiden and Noah

Why we love Austin

On Rainey St. - Bangers Sausage House

Joshua is sticking his tongue out too!

                                                                   Cute little Teagan