Monday, May 13, 2013

Apr - May

This past month had had many great moments with the biggest being yesterday:  Noah was dedicated at our church, Grace Covenant on Mother's Day, May 12.  He did great, and didn't make a peep the whole time the pastor was praying.  Joshua couldn't control his excitement so he just jumped up and down a couple of times :)  The rest of the service was spent mostly in the lobby and outside since we had two energetic boys.  Both sets of parents sat in the front row and we were so blessed to have them there.  Afterwards, we went home and had Chinese take-out and peach cobbler.  What a wonderful Mother's Day!  I also got a card, a watch and bracelet that Joshua picked out on his own.

This past month has also been a month of sickness with both boys being on antibiotics and a week of anxiety with Joshua on the threshold of another seizure.  That all started around April 22 with Joshua getting sick and then of course Noah ending up with an ear infection.  It was so hard to get Joshua to take the medicine initially.

Noah has developed such a vocabulary in just the past few weeks:  this, that, car, dog, juice (which he doesn't get yet), teet, for teeth, bye, gone, baby, stawbewwy (strawberry) and of course, daddy, done, and all done.  He tries hard to repeat what you say.  Still has two teeth on top with a big gap and 3 bottom teeth.  Drooling is still evident.  He will take small bites of table food and at this time loves broccoli (go figure) and ice cream.  He still just drinks milk and water.  Loves to play with the CD player and listen to music and dance.  He "plays golf" with Joshua by taking the putter and using one hand to connect with the ball and then yells "Ayyyy" to get you to clap and praise him.  He gets into absolutely everything with the new thing being that he can reach into drawers and grab whatever out.  He is still very much my explorer.

Joshua is still enjoying school with just a couple of weeks left before they let out for the summer.  He still plays golf as much as possible and likes to go with Grandpa to the range.  He enjoys anything with trains and we try to ride some kind of train every couple of weeks.  He is slowly getting better about eating but we still have to do lots of encouraging.  Because of him being sick the past couple of weeks he has started crying again at night and we are starting to retrain again with sleep.

Here are some pics from the last month:
                                                Zilker Park - Apr. 13

                                  The new Chandy house - Apr. 28

                                   Noah's dedication - May 12