Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Noah's 3rd Birthday

Here are some pictures of Noah on his 3rd birthday on Jan 15.  As per Noah's request, we went to Main Event for some bowling fun.

Then on Sat. the 17th, we had his birthday party at a bounce house - Pump It Up.  It was his first birthday party we had outside of a house and I could tell he felt pretty special.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Month of December

In the month of December we had lots of fun events starting with the North Pole Express train on Sun Dec 7.  Joshua and Noah along with lots of friends rode the train for 1 1/2 hours from Cedar Park to Bertram.  Santa and Mrs Claus were also aboard passing out train whistles and cookies.  

Then that Wed Dec 10 Joshua and Noah had their Christmas concert which was very entertaining.  Noah sat on the back row of the stage with his friend while they laughed and squealed oblivious that they were being watched by an entire audience.  Meanwhile Joshua sang every word in his concert and looked in our direction for approval.  So funny how we have two very different boys.

Dave and Siji joined us along with my brother on the 12th weekend.  Subin had interviews in Austin and he stayed for the weekend.  We had lots of fun playing with Teagan and catching up with the Johns.

The following weekend we went to Disney Jr. Live and Joshua and Noah loved going to see the show.  It reminded them of the show they saw at Disneyland a month ago.

We went to Christmas Eve service at the church and then went to Z Tejas for dinner.  Then we went home and had to sprinkle reindeer food and glitter in the grass.  And of course bake cookies for Santa and the elves. They also put the last ornament up on the tree from our Advent Calendar we had been reading all month.  Joshua and Noah went to bed late that night.

On Christmas morning we woke up later than normal and before we opened presents we read the Bible and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.  I think they both understand the true meaning of Christmas especially since I reminded them over and over.  God has definitely blessed us with our beautiful boys.

It was definitely fun watching them open all their presents.  Funny because we didn't get them much but we accumulated so many presents over the month that we put them all under the tree.

We went to Mom and Dad's for lunch where the boys got more presents.  They sure did have a fun day!

Steve and I had work the next day but we went to Dallas for the weekend.  They had a great time with family and of course opening up more presents!

Steve and I took off for the next four days and we were able to go to Houston for the UT vs AR game with Tony and Pressy on Mon night.  We spent the night at the ever so stuffy Houstonian but the grounds were beautiful and the service was great.

December was an amazing month!

 The North Pole Express
                                                          Christmas concert

                                                                    Reindeer food
                                                            Making cookies for Santa
                                                                   Advent Calendar
                                                            Cookies for Santa
                                                  The Christmas Story

                                                                The Trains at North Park