Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

It's Easter!  He is Risen!  He is Risen indeed!  We had a great Easter weekend with Sunil, Julie and Christian coming to visit us in our new home.  We had an Easter Egg hunt in our neighborhood with my coworker Louise and her family and we even dyed eggs ( a first for Joshua and Noah and maybe my second) and had a little brunch.  So much fun that we'll have to start that yearly tradition.  We also made it out to Mount Bonnell (though Joshua and Noah stayed in the car napping) and Mayfield Park.  I think Christian had a blast being outdoors in the beautiful Austin weather.   Church was packed today but a great service nonetheless.  We hope Christian liked his first road trip/vacation!

I'll take a moment to relive Moving Day which was Sat Apr 5.  We had Joshua and Noah spend the night with Mom and Dad Friday so we could finish packing.  We got up early Sat as the movers came at 8 and we had the maids at the new house at 7 cleaning.  It was chaotic and hectic all at the same time.  At one point in the new house the maids, locksmith, painters, and movers were all dodging each other.  All I could do was just watch the circus.  I'm embarrased to say we had about 100 boxes of stuff though Steve will say they were small boxes.  Mom and Dad met us at 11:00 and started helping us unpack.  Thanks to them, the kitchen and kids rooms were unpacked by 5:00.  Then Steve's parents and Joshua and Noah met us back for dinner. Phew - what a day!

And now, two weeks later, we have boxes in our office, garage, and attic that we're slowly unpacking.  But, I can say we feel settled!  I do love our new house - I think its perfect for our family and one we can grow in.  It's a big difference going from a one to two story house and I'm slowly getting accustomed to that.  Running up and down is more exhausting than I thought!  I do miss our old backyard with the playscapes and basketball court but the kids love the playscape in our new backyard.  The kids never went through an adjustment period - they had no problems.  In fact, Joshua and Noah are now sleeping in the same room.  Noah still wakes up about 3 in the morning and we have to put him in our bed.  All in all, it's been a great moving experience and we feel very blessed!

                                                            Elizabeth Milburn Park

                                                  Their last night in their first house

                                                      One last pic in the old house

                                                         Dyeing eggs
                                                              Easter Egg hunt

                                                   Noah's friend Evelyn
                                       Louise teaching Joshua with Resurrection Eggs
                                                  Confetti everywhere!

                                                       Mount Bonnell
                                                   Mayfield Park
                                       Noah's not so sure of those peacocks
                                                             Easter Sunday