Monday, January 31, 2011

Making milestones

In the past week Joshua has started to get on all fours and has crawled backwards first and then forward two steps.  Then he goes back to sitting or rolling.  I thought he would actually skip the crawling stage altogether but looks like he's just starting.

He's also started saying "Gaga" adding to his current vocabulary of "Dada".  He loves to repeat after you so its so much fun playing with him and listening to all his sounds.

We're slowly getting used to taking him to restaurants and sitting him in a high chair.  We went to La Feria two weeks ago and this past weekend we went to Rosa's Cafe and the Domain (California Pizza Kitchen). As long as we bring his food and pacifier - he's entertained.  He loved rolling around the Domain in his stroller.  The weather was in the 70s and he had a good time playing with Asher on the playground area.

On Sunday, Joshua and I spent the day together while Steve completed the Tough Mudder event.  Thankfully, he came home in one piece.  Some of us were a little nervous about the race since a death waiver was signed!!

The cold weather starts tomorrow so Joshua and I got one more day on the swings with no jacket.

Monday, January 17, 2011

10 months old!!

On this MLK day, Joshua turns 10 months old!  Every month I say the same thing - I can't believe how fast he's growing up.  It seems like the other day that we were bringing him home from the hospital!

Steve had the day off today so he worked on home projects while Joshua spent the day with grandparents as is his norm on weekdays. Steve was able to meet me for lunch at Dynasty (Chinese) and then we both had cupcakes next door.  Very pleasant and relaxing lunch.

Since today was warmer than the past couple of weeks, Grandma took Joshua outside today.  We also decided to bundle him up for his first ride in the jogging stroller.  We went around 5:45 and got back around 6:30 as it was getting dark.  I think he enjoyed the ride as we struggled to catch our breath.  ( Let's just say it's been a loong time since we went for a jog)

Happy B-day to my baby Joshua!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Starting the new year

We are so excited to start this blog about our new family.  It's been almost 10 months since God blessed us with our beautiful boy, Joshua Thomas Samuel.  We've watched our little 6 lb. infant grow and develop into a playful 19 lb. "chubster."  He's had so many milestones this past year and I'll mention a few:

1st smile - 3 weeks

1st food - rice cereal (4 months)

1st time to roll over - 4 months

1st time to sit up without support - 7 months

1st plane trip - 7 months ( To celebrate Austin's 1st B-day -BFF)

Picking up food on his own - almost 10 months old ( he just started doing this 2 days ago with his Puffs)

We had a great Thanksgiving with our family; ate the traditional fried turkey at our uncle and aunt's house with both sets of parents and brother, Sunil.  Joshua was such a good boy while he waited patiently in his rocker while we ate our dinner.  Then it was his turn to eat his pureed turkey and sweet potatoes.

On Christmas Day, we woke up and read the Christmas story from Luke.  We took time to remember the true meaning of Christmas that God sent his son to be a sacrifice for our sins.  As we prayed together, I couldn't help think of how happy I was to be right where I was with my two men.  Joshua loved playing with all the wrapping paper and our living room looked like a disaster area with all the boxes and gifts.  Joshua had a great time playing with all of his presents courtesy of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.
Later that day, we had Mom, Dad, Kunjomon Uncle, Lena Aunty, Ben and Abby over for Christmas lunch.  Basically had a repeat of our Thanksgiving meal - delicious :)  Great spending time with family on Joshua's 1st Christmas.

My brothers came up the next day to see us since Sunil would be leaving back to Chicago before we made it to Dallas.  Joshua got more presents and had some bonding time with his uncles.

We went to Dallas the following weekend - New Years.  Joshua is always excited to go on road trips and he loves visiting his Ammachi and Appachan.   Steve, Subin and I went to our friends Anil and Reena's house in the evening to celebrate and we had fun eating and watching the ball drop :)
Lajipappan and family came to visit Joshua the next day.  Shillu loved playing with Joshua and he loved all the attention.
Subin left the next day for Germany and we were grateful for all the time we were able to spend with him. 
I'll post some pictures from the holidays.

Yesterday, Joshua clearly said "Dada" which was different from the past two weeks where he had been saying "thatha."  Dada is all  he says but he is saying it all the time.  He's so playful now and will sit and look at his book and play with any of his toys that he can put in his mouth.  He still doesn't have any teeth but that's coming soon too. 

We had dinner with the Brunkes at Moonies in Cedar Park.  First time we put Joshua in a high chair.  He would have been fine but he cried every time baby Hannah playfullly screamed at him.  Early dinner at 5 pm and home by 6:15.  How life has changed!!