Monday, January 31, 2011

Making milestones

In the past week Joshua has started to get on all fours and has crawled backwards first and then forward two steps.  Then he goes back to sitting or rolling.  I thought he would actually skip the crawling stage altogether but looks like he's just starting.

He's also started saying "Gaga" adding to his current vocabulary of "Dada".  He loves to repeat after you so its so much fun playing with him and listening to all his sounds.

We're slowly getting used to taking him to restaurants and sitting him in a high chair.  We went to La Feria two weeks ago and this past weekend we went to Rosa's Cafe and the Domain (California Pizza Kitchen). As long as we bring his food and pacifier - he's entertained.  He loved rolling around the Domain in his stroller.  The weather was in the 70s and he had a good time playing with Asher on the playground area.

On Sunday, Joshua and I spent the day together while Steve completed the Tough Mudder event.  Thankfully, he came home in one piece.  Some of us were a little nervous about the race since a death waiver was signed!!

The cold weather starts tomorrow so Joshua and I got one more day on the swings with no jacket.

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