Tuesday, August 23, 2011

33 and counting!

I had a great B-day today with my two men!  I spent lunch with Steve at a Cajun place close to my work and then received cookies at work courtesy of Joshua!  My coworkers and I also had chocolate cake!  Then after work I found Omaha Steaks from Subin outside the house.  Sunil and Julie also got me a spa certificate that I will be using this weekend :)  Definitely felt the love from family and friends today!

The best part of the day was just relaxing after dinner with Steve and Joshua.  I watched Joshua bounce up and down on Steve's back and stomach.  They just wrestled and giggled for 20 minutes.  Then we walked around outside in the driveway and backyard.  Just a great, relaxing B-day!

Here's a video of Joshua and his new favorite outdoor activity:

Joshua had fun on Sat. watching the ducks at the park

Happy B-day Mommy!

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Annual Samuel Family Visit!

The past two weeks have been filled with lots of fun, quality family time, and of course lots and lots of eating.  Scott, Betsy, Ethan and Mia made their annual visit to the States and were able to spend almost 2 weeks in Austin.  We were able to see them most every day and Joshua spent most all day playing with Ethan and Mia. 
It was so much fun seeing them interact.  Joshua was just 3 months old the last time they were here and really wasn't able to play.  This time around, he was able to play and run with both Ethan and Mia.  Ethan was so gentle and careful with him and Mia loved being a big sister to him.  She had the biggest laugh and Joshua would laugh when she did. 

Dave and Siji came for the weekend and we spent Sat. and Sun going to food trailers, sleeping, and eating some more.  Sunday evening we went to Ben and Abby's house and of course ate more - this time barbeque.

We celebrated Ethan's 4th B-day a little early on Tue and we took lots of pics with him, the balloons (I still have anxiety when I see them being squeezed or pinched), and the cake.

We were so sad to say bye to them on Thursday evening.  Joshua was very receptive to the kisses he received from Ethan and Mia and I think he could tell he was saying bye to them.  We had such a great visit and next year will be even more fun :)

Here are some pics from the past two weeks:

Mighty Cone trailer park
What up Home Slice?

Bananas anyone?

Children's Museum

Happy 4th B-day Ethan!

I love Torchy's chips!

Last night of family, food, and fun!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


We've had a busy month so far and Joshua has had lots of fun experiences.  I'm posting some pics of Joshua's 1st carousel ride at the mall in late July and of Joshua listening to live music at the Domain.  We are just enjoying spending time with him before our new addition arrives in January.  Currently, I am 16 weeks pregnant and feeling great!  Besides the normal fatigue at the end of the day (which could be attributed to 8 hour work days and running around with Joshua in the evening), I am not experiencing any other symptoms.  We are so excited and a little nervous about caring for two little ones in the near future. 

Joshua has been going to the church nursery the past month consistently and last Sunday was the 1st Sunday that he did not cry for long when we dropped him off.  I think he may be adjusting somewhat. 
He has also been cutting two additional teeth to the four he already has.  We wish he would just get the whole mouthful pretty soon :)   He likes to try to say words that start with "B" so he alway starts out saying "ba"  for ball, book, bath.  "Bye, no, up, Mommy, Doddy," are some other words that he is saying.
Foods that he has started:  loves chicken, peas, corn, Cheerios, strawberries, and blueberries.