Tuesday, August 23, 2011

33 and counting!

I had a great B-day today with my two men!  I spent lunch with Steve at a Cajun place close to my work and then received cookies at work courtesy of Joshua!  My coworkers and I also had chocolate cake!  Then after work I found Omaha Steaks from Subin outside the house.  Sunil and Julie also got me a spa certificate that I will be using this weekend :)  Definitely felt the love from family and friends today!

The best part of the day was just relaxing after dinner with Steve and Joshua.  I watched Joshua bounce up and down on Steve's back and stomach.  They just wrestled and giggled for 20 minutes.  Then we walked around outside in the driveway and backyard.  Just a great, relaxing B-day!

Here's a video of Joshua and his new favorite outdoor activity:

Joshua had fun on Sat. watching the ducks at the park

Happy B-day Mommy!

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