Saturday, August 13, 2011


We've had a busy month so far and Joshua has had lots of fun experiences.  I'm posting some pics of Joshua's 1st carousel ride at the mall in late July and of Joshua listening to live music at the Domain.  We are just enjoying spending time with him before our new addition arrives in January.  Currently, I am 16 weeks pregnant and feeling great!  Besides the normal fatigue at the end of the day (which could be attributed to 8 hour work days and running around with Joshua in the evening), I am not experiencing any other symptoms.  We are so excited and a little nervous about caring for two little ones in the near future. 

Joshua has been going to the church nursery the past month consistently and last Sunday was the 1st Sunday that he did not cry for long when we dropped him off.  I think he may be adjusting somewhat. 
He has also been cutting two additional teeth to the four he already has.  We wish he would just get the whole mouthful pretty soon :)   He likes to try to say words that start with "B" so he alway starts out saying "ba"  for ball, book, bath.  "Bye, no, up, Mommy, Doddy," are some other words that he is saying.
Foods that he has started:  loves chicken, peas, corn, Cheerios, strawberries, and blueberries.

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