Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fun in October

The first weekend of October the Kolaths came down for a visit.  We had a great time visiting sites in Austin as well as some good eats.  We did Z Tejas for dinner Fri night, Pinthouse Pizza for Sat lunch, Mt. Bonnell, and Gourdough's donuts for dessert.  The Jacobs came over Sat evening for BBQ dinner.  Then Sun morning we went to Jack Allen's for brunch buffet.   It was fun getting to really spend time with them over a relaxing weekend.

Joshua started basketball Sunday and both boys finished soccer Sat.  Watching Noah learn the fundamentals of soccer was entertaining since Noah is very passionate and aggressive when he's on the field.  Joshua, in both sports, was very timid and needed encouragement to be aggressive.  Joshua loved the idea of being in sports and practiced very hard for both.  His game definitely improved by the time both was over.

On the 17th we went to the UT Track and Field for the kickstart of Marathon Kids.  We got to know Joshua's PE teachers pretty well esp. Mrs. Osteen.  It was a fun event with the kids being able to run a lap.  Noah thought he was running a real race!
On Sun. the 18th we went to our first Garba.  The kids dressed in Indian clothes and they had a good time hitting each other with dandiyas!

After having a horrible week with my 13 year old Accord, we finally bought an Acura TSX!  One week later I'm still not used to driving it but it is a pretty nice car.  So yesterday, Halloween, I finally sold my Accord and had to say goodbye.  That car was pretty reliable - the first major purchase I made after I got a PT job, the car I drove my mom and me to church on my wedding day, and the car Steve drove both boys home from the hospital in.  I'm really going to miss that car but I'm sure this new car will last me a while too.  Still pretty sad for me.  Steve couldn't wait to get rid of it! :(

The boys had fun dressing up as Iron Man and Steve and I joined in on the fun with Superman and Wonder Woman.  We walked around the neighborhood with the Mutyalas and they had a blast!