Saturday, July 13, 2013

Leaps and bounds

This past month Noah has expanded his vocabulary by leaps and bounds.  My 17 month old is now able to say so many words such as:  shirt, pants, change, brush, paste, glass, cup, sleep.  He can also say 2 words together,  his favorite being "hold me."  He has even made up words for the difficult ones he can't say yet such as "bo doh dohs" for vegetables and "sonin" for lotion. Medicine is "simisin." He says those words very adamantly like we are mispronouncing the words and he is saying them correctly.  He has a fiery personality and is very rambunctious and unyielding to any sort of danger.  No fear whatsoever in that child - except when he hears a vacuum and that still sets him off.

We've had a busy month.  Joshua and Noah got sick the first week of June and were both on antibiotics for ear infections.  Joshua started Stepping Stone at TeraVista on Fri June 14 and has continued for the MWF program.  I had to travel to Dallas on the 14th for my friend's mother's funeral at the Luna church.  I went back to Dallas the following weekend for my cousin Mili's baby shower.  Both weekends I traveled solo and that was an experience.  I came back on that Sat. each time.  Missed the kids and needed to relieve Steve :)  Joshua and Noah enjoyed giving their card and a T-shirt to Steve on Father's Day.  I think Steve enjoyed a relaxing Sunday with the family.  We had Mom and Dad over for Pokejo's lunch. 

We had baby Teagan, Dave, and Siji come visit us on the 28th with it being Teagan's first time in Austin.  Joshua really enjoyed having her around since he loves babies (she is now 10 months old.)  In his words, "I will protect her."  We did have 2 eating out adventures : Mighty Fine and Chuy's.  Our only outing was the mall and church.  How are lives have changed. :)

Though I had to work on July 4th, Steve and the kids ran errands and relaxed at home.  I picked up Rudy's after work.  Note to self:  Never go to Rudy's on the 4th again.  Horrendous line - what was I thinking?  (But still was worth the 30 minute wait)  We fed the kids early and then went to the Elizabeth Milburn Park to walk around and look at all the festivities.  We still made it home by 7:45.  Steve and I watched the fireworks from our driveway after the kids went to bed.

Shormi and Masoud came up on the 5th and spent the weekend with us without their kids.  We went down to Town Lake on Sat and they went kayaking as well as Steve and Joshua.  It was Joshua's first time on a kayak and I was a little nervous but he did fine.  It was extremely hot - the high was 103.  He was excited at first but by the time Steve rowed in 30 minutes later he was tired and hot.  Noah and I stayed back on the dock in the shade.
We went to Oasis later that night and had a nice dinner overlooking Lake Travis.

Joshua had picked a bed out from Ikea months ago and it took us this long to get it set up in Joshua's room.  The crib is finally out but we didn't know where to really put it since Noah is still sleeping with us.  So now its disassembled in the garage!  Joshua slept in the bed last night with him calling for Steve around 1 am.  However, he kept talking about how comfortable it is.  His poor crib mattress was pretty firm so he just loves his bed.

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of baby Christian whose due date was July 11.  Poor Julie!   Induction is scheduled for July 16.  We are continuously praying for Julie, Sunil, and precious little Christian.  Can't wait to go to Dallas next weekend!

Subin will be coming to Dallas at the end of this month after his long 3 year commitment to Germany is complete.  Within that 3 years, my brother survived a deployment to Afghanistan.  We are so thankful that he will have a state assignment in South Carolina.  So much happening in July!

                                                  Father's Day
                                              No caption needed
                                            The boys loved Teagan

                                                   July 4th