Tuesday, September 9, 2014

August fun

The month of August was filled with soccer practices, golf lessons, and lots of fun with family and friends.  Noah really enjoyed playing soccer at the indoor field and Joshua had his first private golf lesson at the Avery Ranch Golf Club.  They both are pretty talented in their respective sports.  Noah will do great in any contact sport and Joshua will do great in any non-contact sport. :)

In mid-August we had our first family staycation about 8 miles from our house.  We rented a house by Lake Travis along with 4 other families including Jason, Shawn, and Tony, Pressy.  We had a ton of fun relaxing in the mini mansion along with an infinity pool and gym included.  So fun just waking up and relaxing around the covered patio and just getting to know people.  The kids had a blast especially in the pool!

I had a great 36th B-day with the kids getting me a cookie cake and us going to two kids B-day parties that day!  Nothing like going to multiple kids parties to get your mind off how old you're turning!  Steve and I went with some friends that evening to a pizza place downtown.

We went to Dallas on Labor Day weekend with Steve's mom coming with us.  She had fun at her sister's house in Irving.  Noah got pretty sick and so I stayed with him on Sat. while Joshua and Steve went with the Jacobs to the Ft. Worth Zoo.  We also got to see Roby, Nancy, and the kids along with Roby's parents.

Noah missed his first day of school since he was sick but Joshua was excited that Colton and Bennett were in his new class this year.   Joshua's class is named Bevo's Buddies and Noah's class is the Dinos.  Noah did get to go to class on Fri.    Can't believe both boys are in pre-K this year!

                                                           8/7 - First golf lesson

                                                    Saturday morning soccer with Noah

1st dollar Joshua made in golf (given to him by his golf instructor)

                                                             Labor Day weekend

                                                         Steve and Mom's B-day dinner