Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sixteen Months!

Joshua turned 16 months on Sunday!  Every month I think to myself how fast time is passing.  Joshua is now walking pretty fast - almost trying to run.  He loves for us to chase him while he just giggles away.  He goes so fast that often he falls so he's slowly learning to balance.  We've gone through many bumps and bruises and his first scraped knee.
He babbles a lot and his new word is "up."  Sometimes he responds to a question by saying "yeah."  He recognizes and understands most of what we are saying.  For instance, if we tell him to go get his puppy and put it on his car, he will do just that.  If we tell him to bring us the green ball, he goes and gets it.
Joshua is amazing at playing ball.  He can pick up a big beach ball, hold it in the air, and throw it back to us. 
He also loves the pool.  We've only taken him twice, since he got sick the first time. 
I'll post some pics and finish writing his milestones soon.

Monday, July 11, 2011

One more month of activities!

Joshua turned 15 months on June 17 and has been walking more than crawling now.  He even tries to run when he gets excited.  At his 15 mo. appt., we found out he has grown another inch and is now 30 in. while he's only gained an ounce since his 12 month appt.  He is my little skinny boy, just like his Daddy!

Steve and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary on the 18th and we decided to have dinner at Kenichi downtown.  Can't believe we've been married for 6 years!  And now we have our little Jub-Jub walking around here!
The 19th was Father's Day and Joshua gave Steve a heartfelt card that made his Daddy tear up a little.  Then we had a nice lunch with Mom and Dad and we all watched the golf tournament.

The June 24th weekend we left for Dallas to attend Makayla's 1st B-day party.   Makayla looked too cute in her pink outfit and she seemed to be having fun with all her friends and family.  They had lots of food, a margarita machine, bounce house, and a snow cone machine that Steve and Jason ended up running :)   Unfortunately, Joshua was teething and had a rash and was just not himself.  He still had fun once we went outside and he could walk around everywhere.

We met Jason and Shawn on Friday evening in midtown at Urban Taco.  Weasel and some of his friends met us later and we hung around till 11:00.  My poor parents had trouble putting Joshua to sleep that night because he kept looking for us and Joshua finally fell asleep at 9:45.

Joshua had lots of fun playing with Ammachi and Appachan.  We also were able to meet Julie, Sunil's girlfriend.  They came down to attend Troy's wedding reception.  Joshua even let Julie hold him right before we left. 

The following weekend was the July 4th weekend and Austin banned all fireworks due to the burn ban.  This summer has been one of the hottest summers since I've been here.  We decided to go up to Houston on Sat. and we had a relaxing weekend with Dave and Siji going to a few restaurants and church on Sun. We also got to visit with our dear friends Abby and Tim and meet their 10 month old George.  Joshua loved playing with their dog and would giggle every time the dog would try to lick him. We left back on Mon. morning and spent our 4th of July inside since it was way too hot for anything else. 

Dave and Siji came up to see us this past weekend since Siji was taking her oral exam so we got to see them back to back weekends.  Fri night we went to Suzanne's 30 b-day party and Sat. I attended her shower.  Dave and Siji left after watching a great game of women's World Cup soccer.