Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sixteen Months!

Joshua turned 16 months on Sunday!  Every month I think to myself how fast time is passing.  Joshua is now walking pretty fast - almost trying to run.  He loves for us to chase him while he just giggles away.  He goes so fast that often he falls so he's slowly learning to balance.  We've gone through many bumps and bruises and his first scraped knee.
He babbles a lot and his new word is "up."  Sometimes he responds to a question by saying "yeah."  He recognizes and understands most of what we are saying.  For instance, if we tell him to go get his puppy and put it on his car, he will do just that.  If we tell him to bring us the green ball, he goes and gets it.
Joshua is amazing at playing ball.  He can pick up a big beach ball, hold it in the air, and throw it back to us. 
He also loves the pool.  We've only taken him twice, since he got sick the first time. 
I'll post some pics and finish writing his milestones soon.

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