Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Graduation and Cancun

I'll post some pics of Joshua's preschool graduation.  A couple of days later we left for our Memorial Day vacation to Cancun.  We went with 5 other families and Joshua and Noah loved playing with their friends in the pool and sand for 4 days.  It was so nice to relax every day and not have a schedule.  All inclusive is definitely the way to go and Cancun was a short 2.5 hour plane ride from Austin.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

End of spring

It's been a couple of months since I've written on this blog so I will do my best to update.

A couple of days after Joshua's birthday the Jacob family came up for a visit to Austin.  We had a good time going to the Thinkery and hosting a dinner with more friends Sat evening.  Loved making those bunny cupcakes with the kids.  We always have a great time when they come up to visit.

On March 29 I ran the 1020 race with my brother, Bindhu, and Shilpa - a 10 mile race we'd trained a couple of months for.  It was the first significant race pertaining to mileage I'd ever ran.  I finished it in 1hour 42 min. which was a 10:16 min pace.  Subin stayed with me the entire time though he could have gone a lot faster.   Not bad for my first real race.   And now I'm kinda addicted.

In April we had an Easter Egg Hunt with Louise and Trisha's kids at their neighborhood park.  Unusually cold but we bundled up and had doughnuts, cookies, and of course candy.  The next day we celebrated Easter at church and then went with Mom and Dad to Roaring Fork for brunch.

We also had fun at a carnival at Patsy Sommer (Joshua's future elementary school) on a Fri. evening.  He loved showing Noah his school.
The following weekend Sunil and Julie came to celebrate their friend's wedding and we had a fun time celebrating Shilpa's birthday at POP downtown after Steve and I had a quiet dinner at Bess's Bistro prior to the hailstorm.

On May 1 we hosted a dinner with our fellow Austin Keralites - fun to get all the kids together and eat good Indian food.

Mom and I went to the preschool for Mother's Day Tea on May 6 where we were both treated to lots of fun things that the boys made for us.  I loved wearing the huge pink hat Joshua made with the rest of his class.  Made me a little sad that it was the last time I'd do this with Joshua.

On Sat May 9 we went to Disney on Ice at Cedar Park Center and the boys had a blast!  They loved seeing all the characters and listening to the songs.  So nice how close it was to us!

On Mother's Day we went to church and then to Mimi's Cafe with Mom and Dad.  After lunch I was treated to a couple of hours of shopping alone!!  So nice to go shopping uninterrupted!  I also got special cards and athletic clothes from the boys!

The boys had a great last couple of weeks of school where they both had fun water days and then Joshua had his graduation day on May 20.  He was so handsome in his graduation cap and loved watching him accept his scroll from his teacher.  So proud of him all grown up!  Of course I teared up a little while watching the slide show and listening to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

                                                    The Thinkery

                                                 Bunny cupcakes
                                                          Austin 1020 race

                                                     Easter Egg Hunt

                                                              Easter Day

                                                          Annual bluebonnet pic
                                                     Mother's Day Tea

                                                   Disney on Ice
                                                        Mother's Day