Sunday, September 15, 2013

1st day of preschool and more

We have kept pretty busy in the past month.  The day after all the Samuel cousins left for Dubai we went to a friend's B-day party at the bowling alley.  Noah especially had lots of fun trying to hold a bowling ball and let it go on the ramp.  We also went to look at a house in TeraVista afterwards but was disappointed because of it was currently being rented and not in good condition. 
On the 31st we took them to Gattiland for the first time and that was kind of fun and a little wild (for Round Rock.)  Not too many games for toddlers but they both had fun playing basketball, bowling, skee ball and much more.  The pizza was not so tasty but maybe that's because we're spoiled by Home Slice.
Joshua started his new preschool on Wed. Sept 4.  I didn't get any sleep the night before and according to my coworkers it happens to parents (specifically Moms) every year no matter how long the kids have been going to school.  Joshua didn't seem too anxious but I worried all day long.  Ms. Gwen is his teacher and his class is called Chili Dogs.  Don't ask me why.  Seriously, I don't know why.
I already like this school a lot since we get weekly emails about what they learned that week. 
On Fri., Steve and I left the kids with Mom and Dad and went to Houston to attend Vinod's wedding.  We got into Houston at 9:30 and had fun catching up with everyone that night.  The wedding was at Immanuel Church at 3:30 Sat. and we spent a lot of time at Town Center in Sugar Land leading up to the wedding.  We also visited Shormi and Masoud that morning.   The reception was held at Safari Ranch and we stayed there till a little after midnight.  Lots of fun times with our CPC crew and many more.
We came back to Austin Sunday around 1:00 after eating breakfast at a hard to find cafe in Sugar Land :)  The boys did well with Mom and Dad as expected.  Joshua slept in a sleeping bag next to their bed and Noah slept with them. 
We took them to see Sophie the train on the way home and they were pretty happy about that.
This past Fri Sept 13 we did our usual Fri night mall trip but this time we let Noah walk holding Steve's hand.  It was like letting a wild animal loose.  Noah was too excited to be given his newfound freedom at the mall.  Joshua had to round him up a couple of times and Noah did get a little overexcited at the Disney store but all in all he did good for his first nonstroller trip.
And Saturday we took them to their first Krispy Kreme experience.  Looks like there will be a lot of those in the future.   They both loved watching the doughnuts being made and Joshua got to pick his own (Chocolate sprinkles.)  Later that evening we took them to get ice cream at Amy's in the Arboretum and they sat on the cow statues.  Those were the same cows that I took a picture of Steve leaning against on one of our first dates in Austin 10 years ago.  Seems like the other day :)

Oh yeah - Happy 20th month B-day to my little Noah bear!

                                    Bethany's 2nd B-day party (9/1)