Friday, August 28, 2015


We've had a fun busy month of August with us squeezing as much as we could before SCHOOL!

We were able to spend time with friends at TopGolf on a Sat. morning.  The boys still love going there so much and now they love it even more cause of the doughnut holes you can fill yourself with 3 different sauces.  Not good!
We later helped host a farewell party for the Vasudevans that evening.

The next day we were able to rent a pontoon boat on Lake Travis - so long since we'd been out on the lake and Joshua and Noah's first time on a boat!  They were amazed at the speed of the boat and loved swimming in the lake.  I was a little nervous since I didn't know how to swim and couldn't help much with the boys in the water.  The boys actually helped push me along in the water cause I was a slow swimmer.  They tried to "save" me many times!

The next weekend we traveled to Dallas for Amit's wedding.  We were able to spend time with family after the wedding and before the reception.  Joshua and Noah had a great time with Christian - he loves to jump and the boys jumped with him the entire weekend!
We stayed outside the ballroom during the wedding since the kids were running around.  The reception in the evening was beautiful.  We got a kick out of the fact that they placed the Malayalees at one table - all 6 of us!

The next weekend we had a blast at Hyatt Los Pines in Bastrop.  Sunil, Julie, and Christian also joined us along with a couple of other families.  Very hot that weekend but the water park area was perfect for the kids with a little sand area as well.  Joshua was able to ride the slide and they both loved the lazy river.  We also did the tractor ride later and pizza and a surprise birthday cake for Arya and me.  Then smores and a late night movie that Joshua was too tired to watch.  We loved our stay here!

Then on Tue, Aug. 25 Joshua started kindergarten.  I've been talking about this day for years - anticipating it and thinking it was so far off.    I didn't sleep at all the night before - we all went to the school with us leaving the house around 7:00.  Joshua looked so cute sitting at his desk and in that moment he looked so grown up and at the same time looked so little.  How did my little baby grow up so much so fast?  I kissed him and hugged him so many times before we left and before Noah decided he was going to try to sit down and join the class too.  I was proud that I didn't cry and of course Joshua has been going to preschool for years so he didn't cry either.

He had a great first week of school and I think he likes it and is making a lot of friends.  I love Friday nights because we don't have to get up at 6 am the next morning!

Friday, August 7, 2015

The Samuels annual trip

The Samuels returned for another fun filled adventure in Austin.  We were able to catch up, watch the kids play, and relax.  Horseshoe Bay was a nice getaway with the kids enjoying exploring, miniature golf, swimming, and of course, ice cream and smores.

Every day we learned a little bit more about Ethan, Mia, and Eva.  Their personalities are so different and it was fun to see how the kids had changed and grown from last year.

The following weekend the Thomas' flew in from CA and we had a great time just catching up.  We just hung out Saturday at the house and watched the kids play on the Slip and Slide.  The next day we went to brunch at TNT, walked around at Zilker, and then had snow cones.  The kids later went to the pool with the guys while Betsy, Anita, and I had a nice date with some sangria.

The next day we went to LBJ museum, Pinthouse Pizza, and Gourdough's.  Then the Thomas' had to leave back to California.  What a fun weekend!  The next day we went to the Blue Hole in Wimberley and it was so relaxing and beautiful!  The kids loved wading and exploring the Blue Hole!

The next day we celebrated Ethan's birthday with an amazing capuccino trifle dessert courtesy of Betsy.  Happy 8th birthday to Ethan!

It's always sad at the end of two weeks when we have to say goodbye but we had such a fun time that I'll concentrate on those amazing days we had instead.