Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Joshua turns 5!!

So far we've had a busy March but the highlight has been that our firstborn has actually turned 5!!
I knew this day was coming for a while but I just can't believe Joshua is a whole 5 years old!

Joshua was in his 2nd golf tournament on March 1 in which it was 45 degrees at 2:15 when he tee'd off!  Dad, Steve, and I joined him for the next 3 hours in which he seemed to be having a great time while the rest of us were freezing!  It was all worth it because he finished in 2nd place!  He was so proud when he got his medal!  He couldn't wait to show Granny and Noah when we got back home!

Steve and I were able to attend the Austin Under 40 gala on the 7th in which we supported our friend Shailee who was nominated under the Medicine category.  It was fun dressing up for a black tie event and getting to see the new J W Marriot in downtown Austin.

I took Joshua to Kindergarten Round up on Mon. the 9th.  It was an orientation to his elementary school he'll be attending in the fall.  My friend Poonam who's on the school board met us there and made us feel welcome.  Joshua and many other kids went on a tour and did activities with the teachers while the parents also went on a tour.  He was excited about his new school!

The next weekend Mom and Dad joined us at Top Golf to celebrate Joshua's birthday weekend!  Joshua and Noah enjoyed the beautiful morning and didn't want to leave.  We went back to our house for cake and of course lots of presents courtesy of doting grandparents!  And of course Noah wasn't left out!

Spring break started on the 16th and they were excited about not having school for a week.  On Tue the 17th we had a fun day celebrating Joshua's birthday. We had chocolate cake at Mom and Dad's and then went bowling and played arcade games.  Afterwards we had dinner at Pluckers!  He loved his day and we tried to make him feel pretty special!

                                                                           Runner up
                                                                  Austin Under 40 gala
                                                                               Top Golf

                                                                                   March 17

Great Wolf Lodge

We had lots of fun in February including spending time at the Brushy Creek Park, a friend's birthday party, and last but not least The Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine!  The Jacobs joined us on this fun adventure!  We checked in on a Sunday at the end of the month when it was 28 degrees in Dallas and were in our bathing suits in the indoor pool.  The indoor water park was warmed to 85 degrees - a stark contrast to the outdoors!   We spent a couple of hours at the pool and then ate dinner at a restaurant in the lodge, went to a storytime while eating ice cream, and then finally put the kids to sleep in their first bunk bed!  They LOVED it!

The next morning we woke up to Dallas in a blanket of snow and ice!  We waited till noon and drove out of Dallas on I35 going about 35!  Luckily it only took us 4.5 hours to make it back!  It was definitely an adventure!

                                                                        Brushy Creek P ark

                                                                        Brant's birthday party
                                                                       Great Wolf Lodge

                                                                Snow on checkout day!