Saturday, November 12, 2016

The month of September

The Saturday after school started Noah and I went to Alamo to watch a cartoon show called Peg + Cat.  Noah had so much fun eating his popcorn and watching the show.  Joshua and Steve went for a golf lesson that morning since Joshua is slowly trying to improve his game.

That afternoon our neighborhood had a tailgate party.  The boys had fun playing with Emmy, Leela, and Arya.  We got a lot of pictures with Noah and Emmy.  There was even a tug of war for Noah.  He loved every moment!

Joshua started piano this week.  At the time we were in the process of getting a full size keyboard.  He is picking up much faster than I did at his age.  It seems strange that he started piano the same age as I did.

On Labor Day weekend we went to see the John family in Houston.  We had a great time at the Children's Museum with the kids.  One of the best children's museums we've been to.  We could have spent most of the day in there.  We went to Halal Guys afterwards for lunch and Amy's for dessert.
The next day we were able to visit Anagha and Bharath on our way back to Austin.  We had to wait till the rain stopped before we left again.

The next day we went over to Mom and Dad's to celebrate Steve's 41st birthday.  Steve, Dad, and Joshua left early in the morning to play golf.  Mom made a good lunch and we had ice cream cake.
Steve had a good birthday celebrating with family.

On Friday, some of the girls and I went to Esther's Follies for a late birthday celebration.  I've always wanted to do Esther's and never got around to it.  It was so funny and I can't believe it took me this long to go.  We went next door to Carmelo's to have dinner afterwards.  I laughed so hard that night.

The next day we had Arya's 5th birthday party and Sunday we had Dhilan's 4th birthday party.  They had so much fun spending time with their friends.

The next weekend Steve and I went to the Pratham Gala.  It was a nice charity event to raise funds for literacy in India by building schools and giving children access to education.

The next day my old co-workers and I celebrated Shanyn's birthday at IFly.  I realized how old I was doing that since I felt I couldn't get my posture straight as I was "flying."  Regardless, it was fun doing something different and exhilirating.