Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Christian's 1st B-day party and the Annual Samuel trip

This post is a little late since now its the end of August but better late than never.

On July 16 Christian turned 1 and we were able to go to Dallas and celebrate on Sat July 19.  He had a fun party with a bounce house, face painting, and lots of food.  It was perfect weather since it was cloudy and the kids had a great time outdoors in the bounce house.  Christian played around with his little smash cake and then later took a nap.  Joshua and Noah had a blast playing with all their friends.  Of course I forgot my camera so I don't have a single picture of that day.

We went home that Sat night so we could meet up with Scott, Betsy, and the kids who had arrived in Austin from Dubai.   Sunday morning brunch started the next two weeks of eating good food.

We had a relaxing two weeks where we just spent time playing with the kids at home and we even had two nights at good restaurants without kids.    Family ranch, Ethan's 7th B-day party, fun with the Johns, and lots of quality time with each other.

Here are some pics: