Sunday, October 28, 2012

It was a hard week

It's been over a month since I've written on this blog.  Its funny how much can happen in a month.
Noah turned 9 months 2 weeks ago and he's now a little over 18 pounds.  He also got his first ear infection last week and he caught a virus from Joshua resulting in mouth sores.  He had trouble drinking and eating this weekend due to the pain.  Despite that, he is bouncing back slowly and returning to his usual, happy self.
 He is my little adventurous guy - he pulls himself to stand into every closet, drawer, fridge and tries to pull everything down.  He is the opposite of Joshua in that he will pull at cords and put anything he can into his mouth.  He is a very happy baby and is adaptable to change.

Joshua had his second febrile seizure on Mon. night.  His first was on Easter Sunday.  Though I suspected it was coming, it is so hard to watch your child go through that.  You feel helpless and utterly useless.  I'm hoping that the next time he has a fever I will be more prepared to fight it.

On a lighter note, I will try to summarize some of the things we've done in the past month:
This past weekend Joshua and I went to Target and Walmart and Steve took him to the "mad scientist" party at our amenity center on Sat.  On Sun., we weren't able to go to church since Noah was still recovering but Joshua and Steve went to the Halloween party at the Little Gym.

On Oct. 19th weekend:  State Fair in Dallas with the Jacobs and the Mathews, Austin's 3rd B-day party, Grapevine Mills Mall, lunch at Trufire with Uncle Sunil and Aunty Julie, and Mom's B-day celebration with Joshua singing to Mom :)

Oct. 6th weekend:  Zilker Park with Joshua riding the Zilker Zephyr train

Sept. 22nd weekend:  Dallas Cowboys vs. Tampa Bay Buccanneers with Sunil and Julie

Here are some pics: