Monday, February 7, 2011

Joshua's First Snow

On Fri., Feb. 4 Joshua was able to experience his first snow here in Austin.  Steve bundled him up and sat him on a towel in our backyard.  Much to our dismay, he was not pleased.   He didn't like how cold it felt and he soon started to cry but not before Steve took some pictures.  I missed all the action since I had to work but Steve captured it on video as well.  The snow lasted till noon and the sun melted away most of it by the afternoon. 
Subsequently, we weren't able to travel to Houston because they actually had more snow than we did.  So we have postponed that trip till later. 
Joshua started to crawl a little more this weekend and he recently stood up in his crib with the help of the rails.  He likes to stand with our help by the coffee table and play with his toys and he loves to push his "coche" or car.  His new foods are crunchies, bananas, and club crackers. 
We had a great time playing and occassionally watching the Super Bowl yesterday.  He especially loved the halftime show where he danced and bounced with Mommy.  He watched us eat our burgers and ice cream cake.  Can't imagine how active he'll be at next year's Super Bowl!!

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  1. Stephen, did you put Joshua and Sherin outside in the bitter cold while you stayed inside your heated house and took pics of them????