Monday, February 21, 2011

11 months and growing

Joshua had a great 11 month birthday last week.  He was able to spend four days with Ammachi and Appachan and he received lots of hugs and kisses the whole week.  For Valentine's Day he got a stuffed animal and played with my box of chocolates.  Next year he can help me eat my candy!!

On the 17th, the weather was perfect - 70s.  So Joshua spent a lot of time outside on the swing and slide. Later we took him for a walk in the stroller. 

This past Saturday, I met my friends for a playgroup and Joshua cried for the first five minutes and then seemed to enjoy watching the other kids.  He even posed with some of his playmates.

Another beautiful day on Sunday so we took him to the Domain and met our friends.  Joshua and Asher had a great time playing ball and getting into each other's toys.

 This past week he has started to open and close drawers and some of our kitchen cabinets.  We did our first babyproofing this weekend by inserting outlet covers.  Looks like we'll definitely have to do more!!

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