Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter weekend!

We went to Houston for Easter weekend and had an enjoyable time with our friends and family.  Joshua loved playing with Aunty Siji and Unca Dave.  We arrived Friday night and Joshua had a little trouble falling asleep but not to worry since he ended up in bed with us by midnight :) 

On Saturday Siji and I enjoyed our facials and then Steve, Joshua, and I visited Ashley, Susan, and Shirley in Pearland.  Susan looked great at 5 months pregnant and she still managed to make us fabulous Thai food and a rich custard dessert.  Aunty Shirley finally met Joshua and he just loved exploring around such a big house.  Joshua did his best to help Uncle Ash who was clearly uncomfortable holding a baby.  He'll get plenty of lessons soon!

We then went to Shormi's house and met her daughter Asiya.  Joshua and Asiya tried to play together but Asiya was more interested in pinching and pulling hair so we had to separate them for most of the time.  We did manage to get some cute pics.  It was so nice to visit with a childhood friend that I hadn't seen in years.

On Easter, we started the day giving thanks for the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus so that we may have eternal life.  Joshua tried to sit still as we prayed but he soon squirmed out of our arms.
We went to a beautiful Easter service at Dave and Siji's church and then went to brunch at America's.  Of course, we ate too much and had to really resist taking a nap afterwards.
We had a wonderful weekend!

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