Sunday, April 10, 2011

Joshua's 1st real haircut

Joshua had his 1st real haircut at the Pigtails and Crewcuts salon on Sat.  Just as he didn't like when Daddy cut his hair, he didn't like the stranger lady using scissors on his hair.  Though his pictures look otherwise, he was not happy.  He kept trying to dodge her, so Steve and I spent most of the time trying to distract him by playing peek a boo and using toys to get his attention. 
We also went to Hannah's B-day party in the park, which was great because it was outdoors.  He loved watching everybody and walking around the park.
He also sprang his first tooth about a week ago, but it is now visible when he smiles.  It seems like he'll be getting another one pretty soon.  He finally got the first tooth - after his 1st b-day!!

Here are some before and after pics of his 1st cut :

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