Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fun with grandparents!

Mom and Dad come down this past Monday and spent a couple of days playing with Joshua.  They had a great time interacting with him and he just loved having them at his beck and call.  There's no telling how many times Ammachi pushed him around in his "coche" and how many times he got to go to the outdoor playscape.  I know he was sad when they left.

He is definitely becoming more verbal these days.  One of his favorite words is "uck" for truck.  He loves to watch all kinds of vehicles drive past Grandma and Grandpa's house and is now able to identify "ucks."  He's also beginning to say "ca"  but I'm not sure if he understands the word car. 

He still likes to clap your hands but not his own and he loves to high five your hand if you put it in front of him.  He really is such a sweet boy; he never fusses or cries unless he accidentally hits his head :)  We are so lucky to have such a laid back little boy.  He is able to play around other kids and doesn't whine or take things from them.  I'm sure it will change soon but we are enjoying having such a good boy.  I really am going to miss him so much when we leave for Florida next weekend.  Our first trip without him!  Thank God its only just a weekend.

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