Sunday, May 15, 2011

Florida without Joshua

This post is a week late but we needed a week to recover from Florida :)  We left Joshua with Grandma and Grandpa last weekend to fly to Florida to attend Madhu's wedding.  Initially, I was sad to leave but I knew I had nothing to worry about.

After you've traveled with an infant, you really appreciate traveling without one.  We had gone on so many trips before Joshua was born but this one I felt like we really appreciated.  Every moment was relished from getting through security to attending the reception without having to worry about the next bottle or nap time. 

We got to Florida around 3:00 on Friday and Jason and Shawn took us straight to Beach Place where I got an island mojito (not that great) and then went to Casablanca Cafe where we had a great dinner.  We walked out on the beach afterwards and got some good pics.  We then relaxed at the Jacobs where Vinod, Daison and Anita came later to hang out.  I did not feel well that night from whatever we had to eat but I weathered through.
Though we went to bed around 1:00 - I let everyone know I just wanted 8 hours of sleep since Joshua hasn't been sleeping well lately.

The next morning, after a great night of sleep, we had chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and muffins.  Shawn and I took forever to schedule our hair appt.   We then went to eat these glorified hot dogs at a gas station that the Jacobs and Vinod swore by and yes they really were from a gas station.  But the hot dogs had bacon bits, cheese, potato chips, jalapenos and some kind of chimichurri sauce.  I had to admit they were pretty good.

We then got our hair done and then went to the Marriot hotel where we were checked in for the night.  Steve and Jason had funny stories about dodging the wedding party.  We then got ready for the reception which was in about 2 hours.  We met everyone downstairs in the courtyard where the cocktail hour had begun.  It was just a beautiful area with the beach closeby and the courtyard surrounded by palm trees.  They had great appetizers and we had fun socializing.  We met Hannah, Gavin, and Peyton for the first time and Hannah even let me hold her.
I was able to also meet Gibi, Madhu's wife and they were able to spend some time talking to us at the reception.  Since I wore high heels, by midnight, I was ready to go upstairs to the room.
Shawn joined me 15 minutes later and the guys came up around 2:00.  We all slept in the next day.  We made our calls to our moms on Mothers Day and I could not wait for my baby to give me a kiss later that day. 

We went to breakfast at a place that reminded me of Hula Hut in Austin and the Jacobs left to go pick up Lincoln and Austin.  Steve and I relaxed on the beach under a cabana for an hour and then got ready to check out at 1:00.  We finally saw Austin and took a stop for some gelatto before heading to the airport.
Had a great trip in Florida but I was so ready to see my Joshua.  We got back and he crawled right to me which made me feel so much better.  For Mother's Day I got what Joshua knew I wanted for a long time - Pajama Jeans!!!    Thanks Joshua for the privilege of being your mother!

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