Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Slowly learning to walk

This past week Joshua took 2 steps many times - the first time was when Steve was holding his baby Bible book and he just stood up and took 2 steps towards him.

Today, he took 5 steps in the kitchen and we can tell he's about to start walking soon!  Hopefully, we won't have to worry about more knee holes in his pants!

Dave and Siji came to see us this past Memorial Day weekend  and we had fun mostly hanging out and relaxing.  There was some outlet shopping and golfing accomplished - (you can guess who did what :)  We also went to Sam's Boat for dinner on Sat. where we sat on the patio.  The breeze was perfect and Joshua seemed to enjoy eating gumbo and fries.

Joshua didn't do so well on his 2nd visit to the church nursery on Sun.  When we came to pick him up, someone was holding him and he had his pacifier in his mouth.  Apparently, he hung out by the door crying and waiting for us to come back.  He doesn't realize that he'll have to do this every Sunday!

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