Monday, May 23, 2011

14 months and growing!

Joshua turned 14 months old last week and he had a big milestone on that day:  he took his first step.  We were outside by the playscape encouraging him to come to us and he took that step.  We were very excited and of course he thought it was funny that we were making such a big deal of it.  Since then, he's repeated it a couple of times but now when I'm encouraging him to walk, he just laughs at me, drops to his knees, and starts crawling.  My coworkers keep telling me to leave him alone and he'll start walking.   He' so close - he will stand from sitting without holding anything and just stand there for about 5  to 10 seconds.  But as of now, just the one step.

Joshua also went to his first Round Rock Express baseball game on Friday.  It was Family Day at Steve's work and his coworkers hadn't seen Joshua since October.   Joshua loved the playscape, though I had to pull him under the covered pavillion because it rained several times.  Amanda, Steve's coworker, was able to hold and play with Joshua for a while as we ate our burgers and hotdogs.  Joshua also enjoyed a little bit of hotdog.  We later sat on the burn and watched the game until about 8:20 when our little one started rubbing his eyes.

On Saturday, Joshua got his 2nd professional haircut and I have to say he looks so cute.  Of course, he fussed and cried throughout the whole cut.   I felt bad for the stylist though it was the same lady so she is now used to him.
Later that evening, we went to Torchy's Tacos.  Can't believe it took us six years to make it to this place.  Hands down the best tacos I've had in a long time.  I think we'll be going every week till we finally get tired of it.  It was a tight squeeze with Joshua so maybe we'll sit outside or do the drive-thru next time.

On Sunday, we dropped him off at the church nursery - another first.  We haven't sat inside the sanctuary  in a long time so it was nice to try to listen to the service.  I'll admit that I had trouble concentrating because all I could think of was my baby Joshua with a bunch of strangers.  I kept looking at my watch to see how much longer we had in the service.
When we went to pick him up, he was sitting in a chair at the table and apparently sat there most of the time.  (I think because he didn't know how to get down from the chair.)  They said he didn't cry, just sat and played with whatever toys they put in front of him.
Later that day, our friend Kavi and her fiance Subin came to see us from Dallas.  Joshua had a great time playing with them and his new keyboard. 

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