Monday, March 28, 2011

Joshua's 1st Rodeo

We went to the Austin Rodeo this past weekend and got some good pics of Joshua in the petting zoo.  He seemed to enjoy the deer, goats, sheep, and the lamb.  I was a little nervous that one of them would try to take a bite out of him especially after he would try to slap every animal that passed by us.  
We also had fun eating all the fair food like corndogs, fried catfish and taters, fried Oreos, and frozen yogurt.  And no we actually did not have stomach aches though I did feel like we should go the gym every day this week to work it all off.  Joshua did get his first taste of vanilla and chocolate swirl frozen yogurt and he loved it!

Here are some pics of the rodeo:

Betsy - this one's for you:

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