Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Joshua is One!!

It's unimaginable that one year ago we were introduced to our little baby.  I can't believe he's gone from 6 pounds 13 oz to almost 21 pounds.  His height is now 29 inches from 17 when he was born. 
We started the day by singing "Happy B-day" which he seemed to enjoy.  I was able to take the day off so after breakfast we headed to the library for his first time at "Toddler Storytime"  Wow!  A toddler!
He jumped up and down for most of the stories and watched all the other kids.  Afterwards, he played with one of their big wooden puzzles.
Lena Auntie came to visit and brought him a Thomas the Train tricycle.  He liked banging on the box more than anything.  
Steve came home early and we took pictures and just had fun playing with his toys.  I got him a little slice of cake and we tried to create the perfect cake on face picture.  However, Joshua was not happy about frosting on his fingers which he tried to get rid of on his shirt and pants.  He then took his anger out on the cake and swiped it off the tray onto the floor. We ran some last minute errands for his party (Party City) and went to the mall and bought his St. Patrick's day shirt and socks. 
Since it doesn't get dark now till 8 he was able to go outside after dinner and play on the playground.
 What a great B-day!! 
The following pics are from his B-day party on Saturday in Dallas.

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