Sunday, August 21, 2016

1st Month of Summer

We had such a fun and relaxing summer!  We didn't do too much but felt like our weeks were filled with visiting family, seeing friends, and just spending quality time with each other.

In June we had our annual visit with our family - the other Samuels!  The kids had been looking forward for them to come for a long time.  We always have lots of adventures and this was no different.  We had a chance to go to the Verghese ranch and visit our family, their livestock, and eat good BBQ.  On Tue, June 22, we were able to go to McKinney Falls State Park.  It's so nice to explore all that Austin has to offer.  The Lower Falls were beautiful and easy to wade in.
The next weekend the John family came to visit and we had a fun sleepover at our house.  We took everyone to Top Golf and watched the kids hit balls.  No trip is complete without a visit to Gourdough's.  You can never go wrong with doughnuts!
On Monday we went to Rock n River and enjoyed the new additions to their water park.  So much fun hanging out with our family the past week and a half.  Each year that goes by it gets easier to just sit and talk without being interrupted.  The kids are getting bigger and can play and entertain themselves and we don't feel we have to watch their every move.
On Tuesday June 27 we took lots of pictures since the next day the Samuels were headed to LA to see the Thomas family.  It's always sad but we always are just able to live in the moment.

                                                               Father's Day

                                                                McKinney Falls State Park

                                                                        Rock N' River

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