Tuesday, August 23, 2016

July 2016

The first weekend in July we took a trip to the JW Marriott in San Antonio with the Jacob family.  By far that resort is the best we've stayed at in Texas.  It is such a beautiful, spacious property that has an amazing pool area for kids and the best service.  The food was also pretty good and we had fun just relaxing by the pool and doing smores and other activities in the evening.

On July 4th Liesel, Seth, Caleb, and Joshua came to see us after 8 years.  The last time I saw them was when Caleb was 9 months old and now he's 9 years old!  It was so nice to catch up with my best friend since 9th grade!

On July 16 we celebrated Christian's 3rd birthday in Dallas at a bounce house.  The boys were so excited to celebrate with him.  We went back to Sunil and Julie's house to have cake and open presents.  The cake looked amazing and the boys loved watching Christian open his presents.

That evening we went to Lajipappan's house to celebrate Soju's graduation.  It was great to see our family and Joshua and Noah were able to finally meet Nimmi, Abin's wife.

The following weekend Joshua had his Top Golf tournament and he placed 4th in his age division.  He loved playing and was happy to get quality time with Steve and Grandpa.
That afternoon we went to Bethany and Austin's birthday party and the boys had so much fun at Catch Air!

The next week Joshua went with Steve to work for Bring your Kids to Work Day.  They had so many activities for the kids and he loved every minute of it.  They did a robotics presentation, virtual reality with Pokemon, and a fishing activity.

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