Tuesday, August 2, 2016

April happenings

In April we had the Jacobs over for a weekend and we just relaxed with the kids.  We went to an indoor playscape and had take out sushi for dinner.  We had fun playing Pie Face ( a game Subin gave to Joshua for his birthday)  For some reason the kids find it more funny for the adults to get hit with whipped cream.

The next weekend we went to the Spring Carnival at the school.  The boys had a blast playing on the inflatables, playing games, and doing the cake walk.   On Sunday, I ran the Cap 10K for the first time with Shilpa, Bindhu, and Tony.  It was crowded but enjoyable and I liked running that race at a leisurely pace.  We all met afterwards with kids at Cheesecake Factory and that definitely satisfied our hunger.
Later that afternoon was the Field Goal Challenge put on by our neighborhood at the local park.  Joshua, Noah, and Steve passed the first round but they didn't get past the second.  They still had lots of fun!
The next weekend was our girls' trip to Las Vegas.  We had lots of quality girl time with restaurants, shopping, a little gambling, and of course Boyz II Men!  That had to be the highlight of our trip!

The following week Steve and I were able to join Joshua for lunch at his school.  So interesting getting a glimpse of what a typical day is like for him.

That weekend Dave, Siji, and Teagan joined us and we had a great time going to the Kidz Bop concert.  They loved listening to the music and we had fun dancing in our seats.

Noah started soccer soon after with Steve being one of the coaches.  Noah is a natural at soccer and he was the one that scored most of the goals for his team.  Most of the other kids were not as focused on the game as he was.  But he was the one that always consistently scored goals, so much so that we had to tell him to let other kids score too!

On April 27, Joshua had his kindergarten play about gardens and plants.  We rehearsed his songs many times the days before the play.  Love this time in his life where its so cute to see their sweet plays.

                                                                 School carnival
                                                                          Cap 10 K race

                                                                      Las Vegas

                                                                         School lunch
                                                             Kidz Bop concert

                                                                      Kindergarten play

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