Sunday, August 14, 2016

The month of May

In May Mom and I were able to attend Noah's Mother's Day Tea at his preschool.  We always enjoy going to that because it's such a cute time to fellowship with other moms and spend time with our Noah bear.

The next day, May 5, Joshua and Noah helped Mom make Dad his birthday cake.  They were so excited to celebrate with him.

On Mother's Day I was showered with cards, flowers and chocolate covered strawberries.  But most of all, I loved my boys making a big fuss over me and wanting to hug and kiss me and take tons of pics with me after church.  Every day, I thank God he blessed us with the two best boys!!

The next weekend Steve and I went to New Jersey for my cousin Abin's wedding.  We had a great time with family and the wedding itself was amazing and beautiful.  We finally met Nimmi and her family and welcomed her into our family.

On May 22, Noah had his last soccer game for the season and he scored around 7 goals.  I honestly stopped counting since we had to tell him to stop scoring to give the other kids a chance.  Sounds funny, but very true!  Steve loved coaching him and we loved watching him play and it was fun seeing the awards presentation.  I think he's found his sport!

On Memorial Day weekend we went to Cancun with friends.  It was a great trip and we enjoyed relaxing at the beach and spending with everyone.  The boys always have so much fun and there's something about being away and not having any timeline that is so relaxing.
Joshua and Noah missed 2 days of school and Joshua made it back for 2 days left.

While we were in Mexico our handsome little nephew was born on May 29th - Logan Varghese.    We were so sad that we were out of the country but excited that we would be able to see him in a week!  So happy that Christian has a sweet little brother!

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