Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Noah bear!  It's been one year already!  It feels like this past year has gone by so fast.  I can still remember every detail about my Noah's birth.  He has brought us so much joy and laughter and we are looking forward to much more laughs in the upcoming year.

We celebrated Noah's Bday in Dallas on New Years weekend - two weeks prior to his Bday so that Subin could celebrate with us.  We went down to Dallas on Fri Dec. 28.  We walked around Stonebriar Mall with Subin on Sat. and also hung decorations around the house.  That evening we went to Laji pappan's house for dinner.
On Sun., we went to Party City and Costco to get ready for the party that evening.  We had our close family for Noah's 1st Bday party and it was much more intimate than Joshua's 1st.  Mom and Dad came from Austin which we all appreciated.  Dickey's BBQ with all the sides and lots of snacks, fruit and punch was served.  Julie made a beautiful personalized banner with Noah's Ark on it.  It was very creative!  Sunil and Julie also got Noah his cake and I will say that Noah thoroughly enjoyed it.  We all had an enjoyable time.

Monday we took Joshua to Northpark Mall to see the trains.  He loved looking at all the miniature trains and we were in that exhibit for about an hour.  It was well worth the 45 min. it took to get there.  We left to go back to Austin around 3:30.  The boys slept for most of the trip which was nice.

Noah has been pretty sick for the past 5 days with a severe cough, congestion, and runny nose.  Thankfully Joshua hasn't picked it up yet.  We signed Joshua up for basketball last week and Dad takes him on Tues.  I had to get an overide since he's not 3 yet; I explained that he's pretty advanced for his age :)  Steve also signed him up for indoor soccer which starts this weekend.

For Noah's B-day we got him some cupcakes and we let him lick some icing.  We must have sang him "Happy B-day" 10 times today. 

                                                                        Noah's 1st B-day  (1/15/13)

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