Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas and baby news

We had a great Christmas weekend with Subin, Sunil, and Julie coming to see us on Sat. Dec. 22.  Subin flew into Dallas on the 16th for a 2 week vacation before he heads back to Germany.  Joshua and Noah got lots of presents from his uncles and aunt.  Joshua got a lighted car, Thomas trains, and clothes while Noah got a teether, a fluffy dog, and some clothes.  Steve and I received an iPad, iTunes gift cards, iphone cover.  We were a little flustered with all of our gifts esp, the iPad.  After all, we just got our iphones last month. 

Sunil and Julie broke some exciting news to us through their wedding album.  I was flipping through each picture and as I got to the end, Julie asked me a question.  I didn't even notice what I was looking at as I answered her question.  I closed the album and after a long couple of seconds realized I had just seen their baby's ultrasound pic!  Julie was 3 months pregnant!!  How exciting and blessed we all are!  Can't believe Sunil is going to be a daddy!  We are definitely going to have some fun times ahead!

Sat. night we had Mom and Dad over and we picked up BBQ.  On Sun. we went to church and that evening we dropped the kids off and met Subin, Sunil, and Julie at Jack Allen's kitchen.  We tried to take Joshua to the Holiday Light Tour in Round Rock but the line was too long.

On Mon., Steve and I had to go to work while my brothers and Julie headed back to Dallas.  We both got off work early so we could make it to the 5:00 Christmas Eve service.  Joshua liked the music and I had to stroll Noah back and forth in the corridor but I was still in the sanctuary.  I wrapped presents till about 11:00 that night.

On Christmas, we read the Bible to Joshua and Noah after breakfast and then we started to open presents.  We all took turns opening presents.  Joshua sure got a lot of Thomas stuff and Noah got mostly "used" presents (Joshua's old toys that were in the attic) 

We went over to Mom and Dad's at lunch and had roasted chicken with sides and pecan pie.  Steve and I took turns taking naps.  We went back home around 4 pm.

We feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family - immediate and extended.  Joshua and Noah are the light of our lives and they are such a delight to be around.  They keep us constantly entertained and on our toes and we thank God everyday for them.  I wish we could just slow our lives down so we could thoroughly enjoy every moment.    Thank you God for all your blessings and help me appreciate them everyday.

                                          Dec. 23 - Joshua and Noah opening Uncle Subin, Uncle Sunil and     
                                                           Aunty Julie's presents     

                                                           Christmas Eve morn.
                                                                       Christmas Day


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