Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

We had a great Christmas day here in Austin!  We all woke up at 8:00 (and that means Joshua woke us up since he ends up in bed with us every night) and slowly started our morning routine.  After breakfast together, Steve read the Christmas story to Joshua and we said a prayer.  Then we let Joshua open presents.  Except he still didn't really grasp the opening presents part so I helped a lot.  He absolutely loved his recorder and school bus and stared in amazement at the tool bench box and race car apparatus that Uncle Scott and Aunty Betsy got him.  He also loved the fast cars that Uncle Ben and Aunty Abby got him.  He definitely liked playing with the wrapping paper and thought it was funny to watch Steve and I open our presents.  Christmas is so different when you see it through a child's eyes.  We had a great time throughout the season singing Christmas songs, turning on the lights every evening, and finally getting to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas Day.

Mom, Dad, and Sunil came in from Dallas around noon and Joshua was entertained the rest of the day.  He had a great time showing everyone his golf moves and playing with toys.  Then we had Mom and Dad from Austin come over and we had a tasty Christmas dinner with a Smokey Mo's turkey.  We were all full by the end of the night.

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