Saturday, December 17, 2011

21 months today with 5 weeks left!

I can't believe that I've neglected this blog for almost 2 months!  Joshua turned 21 months today and he is just so active and verbal these days.  He repeats a lot of what we say (sometimes we have to really watch it :)  and he's connecting 2 words pretty easily now.  For instance he'll say, "Mommy cooking,"  "Daddy vacuuming", "Grandpa putting" - meaning golf.  He is obsessed and I mean obsessed with golf.  We actually bought him real clubs and he will hit golf balls inside and outside the house.  He's got a pretty good swing - much, much better than Steve's :)

We've done so much in the past month or so.  We went to Dallas for Thanksgiving where we had a great meal and had lots of family over.  Subin arrived from Afghanistan the week prior and we were able to spend Thu - Mon with him.  We also hung out with Julie and met her parents for the first time.  Julie and I got up for after Thanksgiving sales on Fri.  

We also were able to catch up with Susan, Ash, Sheba, Johnsly and Shirley.  They had a lot of family over Fri. night for dinner.  Was nice to finally meet Aiden.  He's a cutie. 

We met up with our friends Jason, Shawn, Reena, and Anil on Sunday.  Can't believe the Jacobs finally moved back to Texas.   Great seeing all the kids and also seeing Sigy and Jaya for the first time.

I personally feel like a penguin now - weighing in about 138 pounds.  I didn't even weigh this much when I gave birth to Joshua.  And I still have 5 weeks left!  Looks like I'll be working out pretty hard - especially since my brother's wedding will be in Hawaii in June!  This pregnancy is definitely harder than the first - can hardly bend down, lots of acid reflux, unable to sleep comfortably.  It's also funny how little you prepare for the 2nd one.

Also hard to believe that we have 1 week before Christmas!  And like always, I have procrastinated on gifts.  I think I do it on purpose - just for the rush of trying to fit it all in.

I'll try and do better about updating the blog.
Enjoy the pics!

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