Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One and a half weeks left! (At 38.5 weeks)

It is getting harder and harder to work everyday.  This was the time I had left when Joshua was induced so it feels unreal that I am still carrying this baby.  And its so funny how we are so unprepared for this one but not in the least bit stressed out about it.  And when I say unprepared, I mean we still need to wash bottles and get his changing pad out and swing from the attic.  I guess the rest will just come back to us.  Hopefully.

I meant to put some pictures up of the ultrasound we had at 36 weeks.  He was very active that day and the US tech said he was already breathing so well.  At that point he already weighed 6 lb. 9 oz.  I think this one's going to be a big one :)

I am going through cedar fever right now since the count in Austin is sky high and of course Joshua has been sick for the past week and a half with a bad cough and congestion.  His runny nose is slowly going away.  We really hope he gets better before baby #2 arrives!  Going to be hard to keep Joshua away from his brother!

Enjoy the pics!

Mad about something!

                                                                   He's giving us a good smile!
                                                       The tech said he was blowing kisses at us!

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