Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The month of November

The first weekend of November my friend Trisha and I took a weekend trip to Chicago.  We had a few minor bumps getting into Chicago but we had a wonderful trip doing things we couldn't do with kids.  We waited at a tapas restaurant (Purple Pig) Friday night for an hour and a half before getting seated.  We also went to an art museum Saturday for 3 hours.  Of course we ate deep dish pizza and got Garrett's popcorn before coming home.

Our family had Thanksgiving lunch the weekend prior to Thanksgiving at our house in Austin.  We had fried turkey and some good sides.  We had a good weekend playing with the kids and eating lots of food.  Mom, Dad, and Subin were all able to go to Noah's Thanksgiving lunch and they also visited Joshua's school where Joshua showed him his classroom.

On Thanksgiving we stayed in Austin and Mom cooked Chinese food ( we were all tired of turkey by then.)  Nice relaxing Thanksgiving Day with lots of Internet shopping.

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