Sunday, December 20, 2015

The first 3 days of the Disney cruise

The first week of December we took a Disney Bahamian cruise for 7 days out of Galveston.  We took Joshua out of kinder and it was definitely worth it.  The Johns also went with us and the boys had fun playing with Teagan.
We left on a Friday with a deck sail away party and that's where we got a glimpse of the entertainment we had throughout the cruise.  We had dinner every night at a nice rotation of restaurants at 5:45 with the same servers.  It was nice that the servers got to know us especially the kids for the whole week.  They got to know what we liked and needed throughout dinner.  The servers were so accommodating and also did magic tricks for the kids to entertain them throughout the hour and a half dinner.  Every evening they had a show after dinner in their theater and it was always an amazing show.

We were at sea on Saturday so we just explored the ship, the kids club, and saw characters on the ship.  Siji and I also took a cooking class where we watched the chef make mushroom risotto.  That afternoon and evening the ship was rocking pretty hard and I definitely got sea sick as did a lot of people.  I got a little nervous that I wasn't going to be able to make it through this 7 day cruise.

On Sunday we docked in Key West, FL and I was very excited to eat good seafood and of course key lime pie.  The town was very quaint and we walked around as we experienced spot showers.  We ate at a good seafood restaurant and then went next door and ate key lime pie on a stick dipped in chocolate.  We also bought key lime fudge to take back home.  Everything was fine till Noah fell as he was running and scraped his knee.  Good thing it happened on our way back to the ship.  That night was Frozen themed dinner on the ship.  The head waiter asked if we'd like the cooks to prepare Indian food for us that night and it was delicious.    Will post the pics of these past 3 days here.

                                                                  Deck party

                                                                         Our first dinner
                                               They got this Mickey Mouse bar almost every night.

                                                            Cooking class

                                                       Our small cabin

                                                                     Formal night

Key West

                                                           Yummy key lime pie

The cooks prepared Indian food for us - very good!

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