Saturday, September 26, 2015

Steve's 40th birthday

We started the month off celebrating Steve's 40th birthday on Sat., Sept 5.  The boys and I got him a 40 yr old T-shirt, Shakey Graves concert tix, and of course cards the boys made.  They always love seeing his face when he opens up his presents.  It was a busy day with soccer practice and Joshua and Noah's friend's birthday party.  We capped off the day by going to Cover 3 for dinner - requested by Steve.  Glad we had reservations since there was a UT game going on at the same time.  God has blessed us with a great father to our boys and a wonderful husband.

Thankfully, we didn't have to work on Labor Day so we spent a couple of hours outlet shopping and then  a couple of hours at our neighborhood pool.  Definitely a fun, relaxing day.

We had Steve's 40th birthday party on Fri. Sept 11.  I took the day off so I could get the house ready for all our guests.  Mom and Dad picked the kids up and they spent the night at their house that night.  Trisha was able to babysit our friends' children (3 in total.)  Subin came early and helped me set up the house.  I was able to get hair and nails done prior to the party.  Sibin and Abin met us at the party while the Jacobs and the Johns came to the house an hour before.

We all had a great time at the party - there was plenty of food and drinks, a slide show, and a playlist that no one could hear cause it was so loud in the room.  The cake was absolutely delicious ( I ate leftovers for over a week) and I also had cheesecake that people couldn't get enough of.  Steve really seemed to enjoy the party and catch up with a lot of people.  We are so blessed to have such sweet friends and family.

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