Thursday, July 9, 2015

First month of summer

We've had a great half of our summer so far but it's going by way too fast.  We're trying to enjoy each day before school starts especially for Joshua.

Steve and I went on a walking ghost tour here in Austin the first week of June with my coworker before she moved back to Ohio. (Her request)  Regardless, it was fun walking around downtown getting the history behind certain buildings especially the Driskill Hotel.  The next day we took the boys to Alamo theaterwhere they had this fun event for kids to watch cartoons and eat pancakes.  They both loved watching Transformers in a huge theater eating Froot Loops.

The  next weekend was my first half marathon in Dallas.  I trained for the past month and Subin ran the Wounded Warrior half with me.  Pressy also ran - 20 minutes ahead of us!  We finished in 2 hours 13 min. - a 10.13 min mile.  I did have to walk a little at the end. It was so hot and humid that morning.   What an honor to run with my veteran brother.  Now I'm addicted and will probably do another one later in the year.

We also celebrated our 10 year anniversary on June 18th!  We actually had a nice dinner at Truluck's and left the boys with their first paid babysitter (my coworker's daughter)  We put them to sleep before we left so it was a pretty easy night.  God has blessed us with love and family.

The last weekend of June we went to Leena Aunty and Uncle's house and the boys had a blast!  They loved watching the goats and chickens and playing with Max the dog.  It's so serene out there - I completely understand why they live out in Elgin.

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