Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Great Wolf Lodge

We had lots of fun in February including spending time at the Brushy Creek Park, a friend's birthday party, and last but not least The Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine!  The Jacobs joined us on this fun adventure!  We checked in on a Sunday at the end of the month when it was 28 degrees in Dallas and were in our bathing suits in the indoor pool.  The indoor water park was warmed to 85 degrees - a stark contrast to the outdoors!   We spent a couple of hours at the pool and then ate dinner at a restaurant in the lodge, went to a storytime while eating ice cream, and then finally put the kids to sleep in their first bunk bed!  They LOVED it!

The next morning we woke up to Dallas in a blanket of snow and ice!  We waited till noon and drove out of Dallas on I35 going about 35!  Luckily it only took us 4.5 hours to make it back!  It was definitely an adventure!

                                                                        Brushy Creek P ark

                                                                        Brant's birthday party
                                                                       Great Wolf Lodge

                                                                Snow on checkout day!

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